My name’s Josh Evans and this is my personal site, The Electric Abacus. There. Now we’ve got that out of the way.

It’s a deeply held belief of mine that everyone should have a tiny part of the web to call their own and this lovely little piece of digital real estate happens to be mine. Now running one’s own site can seem a little old fashioned by today’s standards what with these kids today with their Facebooks, and their Twitters, and their Instagrams. (All of which are fine apps by the way. I’m not bashing them. This isn’t a zero sum game.)

But running my own site sits at the intersection of two of my favorite all time passions: Technology and Writing. Both of which I will be talking about a great deal here on the site.

I’ve been writing fiction pretty much since middle school and ended up studying creative writing when I went to college. (University of Central Florida in Orlando, in case you’re wondering. ) Of course, that’s not what I currently do for a living.

That would be IT. The other passion if you remember. Technology has always been something I’ve thought was cool, and more specifically the web. We kind of grew up together so that’s where the fascination comes from I guess. I can still remember when I was a kid, I had a print out of every website and I used to go through them one by one, checking them all out. Yeah, I was a really old school, Prodigy user.

The thing about About pages is that they should give you some sense of what to expect from the site at large, so there are two more points I want to make before I let you go into that good night. One, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I love to ramble. I hope to not always lose the plot on you but it’s always a risk with me. Two, because I’m a webhead and love to tinker, I reserve the right to break this site at a moments notice. Hopefully, I’ll always be able to fix it, but there really aren’t very many guarantees in life.

Alright, that’s about what you can expect from me here at The Electric Abacus. Now go along. You can’t say here. This is Bat Country.

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