Writing Challenge: 323 words

Writing Challenge: 323 words

It’s the first of the month and along with paying my rent, I’ve decided to set myself another writing challenge: write 10,000 words in the month of July.  While I have done writing challenges before, they were usually based on output for that day: write one blog post a day, do any writing of any amount a day, ect.

I saw the 10,000 words in one month challenge on some forgotten Reddit post, and what stood out to me was how the post’s author broke down the challenge.  Writing 10,000 words in a month with 31 days in it works out to 323 words a day. (If you round up.)

I’m probably the world’s slowest writer and when I’m writing fiction, I average about 500 words in a hour.  This makes advice like Steven King’s “write 2000 words every day” very difficult because that would take me at least four hours a day to do.  And unfortunately I’m still one of those poor souls that still has a day job, so that kind of time commitment has been a little too much for me.

But less than a hour of writing a day is something that I can commit to.  At least for a month anyway.

So what are the rules for this challenge?

Given that I haven’t been writing that much this year other than my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I’m going to allow any kind of creative writing to count.  This means that fiction, blog posts, and notes can count.  (Even as I was writing these rules, I was about to allow journal entries, but I think I’m going to nix that in favor of only writing intended for public consumption.  This normally means that notes for fiction and blog posts shouldn’t count, but since it’s my first challenge like this in while, I’m going to allow it this time.)

I’m also going to be tracking all of my daily word counts in an overly complicated Excel spreadsheet that will re-calcultate what my new per day word count will be.  The point of this exercise isn’t to write 323 words a day, it’s to write 10,000 words in a month. This means that if I write more than 323 words in a day, or miss a day (far more likely), I’m going to need a new per day writing goal.

The last rule is being public about my progress.  I’m going to be writing weekly check in posts to update everyone on the challenge and what I’m working on.  This way, I’m honest.  If I screw this up and fall flat on my face, I’ll let all of you know.

But I don’t think I will.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until next Sunday to see how I’m doing.

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