Writer’s block is a Massive Pain in the Ass

Writer’s block is a massive pain in the ass, and I don’t normally get it with fiction. Figuring out things to write has never really been the problem for me. The ideas are always just there and if they’re not, the simple act of writing usually brings them out very quickly.

This has not been the case with this blog. I would love to write on this blog all the time. I have total blog envy for what Wil Wheaton does over at his blog. He posts regularly and each post has this great, personal voice to it. It’s journalistic or distant like a lot of blogs – including this one at times – can be.

But I haven’t posted on here in months. Some of the reason is that life’s just got in the way, but mostly it’s been freaking writer’s block. I have no idea what to say on here. Sure, I have ideas but when I sit down to post, everything just sounds like crap to me.

To make matters worse, I build up this negative pressure when I haven’t posted in while. It’s like the longer I go without posting, the more I feel I have to have a really good post to break my not writing streak.

This is probably my problem. I’m building up what I good blog should be so much in my mind that I’m forgetting to actually post on the fucking thing. They say, “perfection is the enemy of good,” which I think has plagued me in writing for a while.

That’s why I’m putting out this quick post: just to break my streak and get back to posting. Because I like who I am when I’m blogging. I like the form and I like that posting on here makes me a writer again. I’ve been obsessing with the tech side of my life for a little too long and I’ve been letting this part of me go fallow.

Well that’s enough of that. No more being fallow and no more blaming myself for not posting. It’s time to try some new stuff and get back to basics.

It’s time to resume our broadcast day.

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