Why I Still Blog

Why I Still Blog

Yesterday was my eight year anniversary on WordPress.com.  They gave me a badge for it, so that’s pretty cool.  It makes sense that my anniversary is around this time.  I always get antsy for new projects around this time of year.

I couldn’t tell you what kind of site I was trying to make back then.  Probably some sort of Boing Boing rip off.  I do remember liking the fact that I could have more than one page, which was a leg up on Blogger at the time.

I’ve started and abandoned a lot of sites on WordPress in those eight years, but this one has been the one that I’ve kept up with the most.  That’s probably because I post just about anything I want on here and don’t do a lot of link dumps.  I have Tumblr for that, which I do need to whip into more shape but that’s a project for another day.

As I said earlier, I was on Blogger before WordPress.  I signed up around the summer of 2003. Before that, I didn’t know what blogging was.  It had been around since 99, but I really wasn’t that savvy of net trends at the time. To me it was just building a web site, which I knew how to do but had never hosted anything online.  That cost money, which I didn’t have when I was in college. The idea of quickly posting things online, for free, without having to mark up the post was really appealing. It still is.  The fact that apps like WordPress, and Blogger exist is truly amazing to me and I don’t think people take the time to acknowledge it.

We are constantly connected now – that’s painfully clear – but I don’t think most of us are aware of the fact that we can express ourselves in more that just a tweet.  That’s why I still blog after 11 years.  Even though the form is now seen as quant by some. I like that fact that there are still places where people can craft long form content about whatever they care about.

Looking back on it, that’s why my other sites failed.  I was either making their topics too constricting or I was making their posts a quick write up of a link I found.  The “anything goes” nature of the form is what attracted me to blogging and net in general and it’s what I’m finally trying to do with the Electric Abacus.  This is my place on the web to try out things.  Some of them will be successes, most will be failures.  But that’s what I like about personal blogging: the site can change as you change.

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Update on Desk.pm

And after a bunch of messing around, I was able to get Desk to work with this site.  If you recall, I wrote about this a few days ago and I was pretty disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to really use all of the features of this program with my blog because I couldn’t get it to connect.  

Turns out that part of the problem was that this app doesn’t like to connect to a WordPress.com site if that’s the first blog you’re attaching to it, so I connected my Tumblr to it and then it finally let me connect this site.

This is just a quick post to let the rest of the Internet know I figured it out.  (And to pat myself on the back!) A full review of Desk will be forthcoming after I make a few more posts with it.

Disapointed with my Desk

With Christmas quickly approaching, the Mac App Store has been pimping a bunch of new programs.  One of them, Desk is the word processor that I’m writing this post on.  It’s a very mainmast editor that has a lot of power under the hood.  

It’s basically just a box that you can write into, which is exactly what I need from a word processor: for the thing to get the hell out of my way so that I can focus on what I’m doing.  But when you mouse into the box, it reveals a lot of extra features, like blog integration and WYSIWYG post editing.  

There in lies the current problem.  Desk is currently having issues with integrating with WordPress.com, which is my current blog host.  So all the features that make it great, and better than Byword, my old editor, I can’t currently use.  It’s frustrating, that I spend three times the cost of Byword to get this, and I can’t really kick the tires of it.  

In fact, when I go to post this, I’m probably going to use Byword to do or copy and past it into WordPress.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know that Desk is developed by one guy and he’s working has hard as he can to get this resolved, and it’s just a waiting game until this app can talk to WordPress.com. 

Once he get’s things figured out a little better, I’ll give you all more of a review.  Until then, if you are looking for a super stripped down editor, or you want to connect something very feature filled to your Not WordPress blog, I’d say give Desk a try.

Writer’s block is a Massive Pain in the Ass

Writer’s block is a massive pain in the ass, and I don’t normally get it with fiction. Figuring out things to write has never really been the problem for me. The ideas are always just there and if they’re not, the simple act of writing usually brings them out very quickly.

This has not been the case with this blog. I would love to write on this blog all the time. I have total blog envy for what Wil Wheaton does over at his blog. He posts regularly and each post has this great, personal voice to it. It’s journalistic or distant like a lot of blogs – including this one at times – can be.

But I haven’t posted on here in months. Some of the reason is that life’s just got in the way, but mostly it’s been freaking writer’s block. I have no idea what to say on here. Sure, I have ideas but when I sit down to post, everything just sounds like crap to me.

To make matters worse, I build up this negative pressure when I haven’t posted in while. It’s like the longer I go without posting, the more I feel I have to have a really good post to break my not writing streak.

This is probably my problem. I’m building up what I good blog should be so much in my mind that I’m forgetting to actually post on the fucking thing. They say, “perfection is the enemy of good,” which I think has plagued me in writing for a while.

That’s why I’m putting out this quick post: just to break my streak and get back to posting. Because I like who I am when I’m blogging. I like the form and I like that posting on here makes me a writer again. I’ve been obsessing with the tech side of my life for a little too long and I’ve been letting this part of me go fallow.

Well that’s enough of that. No more being fallow and no more blaming myself for not posting. It’s time to try some new stuff and get back to basics.

It’s time to resume our broadcast day.