30 Day Blogging Challenge Wrap Up

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge is over and I’m pleased to say that I did make a post to this blog every day for 30 days.  The thing that I found the most surprising was how easy it was to write and post every day.  The first two weeks were hard to just sit down but after that, I wanted to write every day.

I’ve taken about three days off and I can really feel the itch to keep posting on this site, which is great.  I have always loved the idea of blogging ever since I stumbled upon the concept in 2003.  Yeah, I’ve been blogging on and off for over ten years and this is the first time that I feel like I really have something to say on the constant basis.  I really do think I will keep posting on this blog and writing about all the strange projects that I’m working on or the thoughts that I’m having that day.

And now some metrics

So how much did I really write?  I added up the word counts of all my posts and found that I wrote 15,487 words over the course of the challenge.  That gives me an average of 516 words, which was higher then when I calculated the average I wanted to hit over the course of the challenge.  (That was 450 words.)

The shortest post that I did was Drunken Phone Typing coming in at 212 words.  Even though it came in below my minimum of 300 words, I’m still going to count it because I wrote it on my phone which didn’t have a word count.  I had to guess when I was done and I guessed wrong.

The longest post was The Burrito Must Die, which came in at 776 words.  Apparently, more than any other topic, I have the most to say about burritos.

What did you win

In the post where I announced this challenge, I said that I should pick a prize to give myself if I completed it.  I couldn’t think of one at the time but I have two that I’m going to give myself.  First, I finally bought Skyrim for the Xbox.  I figure since I was good all month doing writing that I can give some of my free time to a time sink like that game.  I have an old save on my Xbox from when a friend lent me the game so it’s nice to pick up where I left off even if I can’t remember what the hell I was doing before my eight month break in playing.

The other thing I’m going to give myself is some desicresionary spending money for URL’s and web hosting.  I’d like to give this blog an actual URL and some solid web hosting.  With my podcast, I have web hosting but I’m looking at moving.  Keeping up with a WordPress install is a pain in the ass and my current hosting company is going to jump up a cost in January, so I’m going to shop around.  I’m currently looking at SquareSpace.  While they are more expensive than other hosting solutions, they take care of updating the content management software, which is worth its weight in gold for me.

Yes, I am a geek and I love to tinker, but I like that to be a choice and not a chore that I have to take care of all the time.  Nobody wants to sit down to write and then have to configure something.  I just need stuff to work.

What now

Now that the challenge is over look forward to most and different posts from me.  The word limit and 12 pm time limit where constraints that forced my posts over the last month into a certain shape.  I’d like to do more shorter posts and well as some long more well thought out posts. These are not things I could really do when I have to hit one post every day at at least 300 words.

Would I do the challenge again?  You bet your ass.  I’m going to do it again next November.  In fact, you might see me do other challenges that don’t just relate to writing.  I’ve been thinking about do some project challenge to help me learn some new skills.

So the ultimate take away from this challenge would be that if there is something that you would like to be doing, then this month give yourself the mandate to do it every day for 30 days because that is the amount of time it will take to turn whatever you want to do into a habit.  It’ll be hard but as the band Flogging Molly once said, “Nothing ever came from a life that was a simple one.”

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