The Bat and Me: My Thoughts on Batman

It’s Thanksgiving and it is a time to say what it is that you’re thankful for, and do you know what I’m thankful for? Batman.  I’m not kidding.

Batman is one of those concepts that as I get older, still seems to grow with me.  While the story of a man who become vengeance is an adolescent power fantasy, the story of a man who could have the conviction to do so is something transcendent. That’s something for the ages that will stay with me forever.

That’s a pretty concise review of Batman, let me tell you how I got into him.

When I was about six, PBS in my area had the rights to show the old Adam West Batman over and over again.  The great part was that while ever Batman episode was a two parter, PBS would show them back to back.  That was great if you were like me and just learning how the passage of time worked.  I.e. you didn’t have to wait around for the next episode because it was always important to me how Batman and Robin would get out of that pit of sharks.  And it was always sharks.

That is the farthest back I can go for memories of Batman.  After that was the 1989 Batman.  I didn’t see it until home video, so that would have to be 1990, which would make me about eight at the time.  I remember loving it but being so scared of Jack Nicolson’s Joker that I hid behind the couch every time he would come on screen.  In fact, I still kind of have that impulse even now.
Not that I’ve ever done that as an adult.  Much.

And my other early exposure to the bat would be 1992’s Batman The Animated Series, which is probably one of the greatest cartoon shows the world has ever seen.

This is complicated way of saying that me and the bat go a long way.  It’s a strange thing to be thankful for, but I like to think if I was ever mugged, Batman would show up and save the day.  It isn’t that much crazier than those fuckers who still think Santa Claus is real.

2 thoughts on “The Bat and Me: My Thoughts on Batman

  1. Haha, in the end you made it!
    BUt don’t get me wrong, you absolutely got my support and it’s good to hear every single time again that people feel the same about the Batman.
    And is I can hear out of the post the Animated Series was also here a very big changer of perspective towards Batman. It had influenced me as muc as it did you!

    However, my honour to him went so far that I founded a blog that is partly dedicated to him. You see it in the url as well as the Batrepreneurship category.
    Give it a look – I hope you like it:

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