Drunken phone typing

So I’m currently at a party, but I still have to post so here we are. I’m sitting on a porch currently while my friends explain what palindromes are to each other. Apparently, one of my friends wrote a program to figure out palindrome numbers to three million digits.

If you’re wondering how I’m getting this to you it’s actually from the WordPress app on my phone. I’m typing this out one character at a time with my thumb. While drunk, no less.

There are Japanese girls that write entire novels this way while riding the train. I have no idea how the fuck they do it. I always wanted to do a long form piece this way, but I never found the project for this format. Let me tell you, this is an entirely different way of writing.

Now we are in the living room watching The Day of the Doctor, which is the mini episode before the 50th anniversary anniversary of Doctor Who. If you haven’t seen it’ I highly recommend it.

And since we are watching YouTube, everyone is yelling out videos to watch. It gets bad fast.

So I think I’ve hit my quota for today. No one can argue I’m not trying hard to hit this challenge.

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