I’ve Played More RPGs Than You, But Never D&D

I just got done playing my first game of Lords of Waterdeep which a board game based in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe.  The game was a lot of fun.  It’s a “worker placement” style game where you are collecting resources and screwing over your friends, which is always a good time.  If you are looking for a game with a lot of strategy, I highly recommend it.

There are a lot of broad games in the D&D world, and almost all of them look pretty damn cool.  This got me thinking that I’ve never actually played D&D.  I’ve talked about this before, but when I was in high school, I played pen and paper role playing games almost every day.  I would say that I’ve probably logged thousands of hours being a super powered character of some description.

But those were always in either sci-fi games or modern fantasy.  Not only did I never play D&D, but I never played a sword and sorcery style game.  This was primarily due to my tastes and the tastes of my gaming group.  We just didn’t get down to the high fantasy.  Dragons are fine as long as they also have guns and pyramid scheme.  However, we were in highschool so we would never express this in so mild of terms.  “D&D is lame and stupid.  It’s rules are dumb.  They are not balanced like Rifts.”  Rifts, let me remind you, is a game where you can create a character who moves so fast only gods can hope to touch him, but I digress.

We spent a lot of time hating on D&D because it simply wasn’t the game we had invested so much time and money in.  If one game is just as good as the next then how do you assign status – a attribute so important in high school.  (And since most people don’t really evolve much past high school, status is something still kind of important in the “real” world.)

D&D has been around for at least 30 years and was the game the created the RPG genera as we know it.  In fact, video game RPGs took almost all of their cues in the beginning from their pen and paper big brothers that you could argue that even if you only placed video game RPGs that you have still been influenced by D&D.

So even though I’ve never played it, D&D is 100% a part of my DNA, and I think I would like to explore my roots more so look for some reviews of the D&D board games as I work my way through them.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Played More RPGs Than You, But Never D&D

  1. Roleplaying games? This is solidly in my wheelhouse.

    Us D&D players were saying the same about those Rifts sociopaths and Vampire weirdos too, haha.

    With more years and wisdom and experience with RPGs I now understand that all three of those games are pretty terrible in comparison.

    The other D&D board games are basically D&D lite (very much unlike Waterdeep), My offer is still open to run a (good) game with you and Pat online.

    1. I’m actually looking for D&D light. I didn’t really touch on this in the post, but I really like the idea of an RPG in a box. Something that I don’t really have to GM and can just play with some friends and not have to plan anything.

      I have a full time job now so I don’t have a lot of time to devote to creating complex campaigns, so an RPG as a board game holds a lot of promise for me.

  2. Yeah, totally agree there. I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts on the board games, I’ve never tried them myself (aside from Waterdeep, of course).

    Look up Dungeon World (the creators have the whole rulebook, sans art, online for free). That’s the closest thing to D&D I would ever run at this point (including for any jokers like you and Pat).

    It’s based on an even better game, Apocalypse World, but that one doesn’t have that D&D feel.

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