Thor 2 Review

While I didn’t know it was coming out until just a few days ago, I saw Thor 2  just a few hours ago, and I have to say that I really quite enjoyed it.  I’m kind of a sucker for the Marvel Studio moves that have been coming out since ’08 even though I didn’t really read those comics.  I’m not much of a super hero guy.  At least not then, I read a lot more super hero comics now.  As I get the older the metaphor just appeals to me more and more.

I thought the first Thor was a pretty good movie, but not very epic.  It felt much more like a TV show in scope.  It seemed like Loki hand a lot more character development then Thor did.  Or at least his journey seemed more deliberately illustrated then Thor’s.

This movie solved the scale issue in spades.  Instead of the a small town being ultimately at stake it was the entire universe.  As it should be when you’re dealing with god like aliens.  And I really enjoyed where they took Thor’s character in this one.  He has to learn to actually be a leader and get over his petty goals unlike most of the other characters around him.

And yes Loki is in it, and they do wind up doing a lot with him, but all of it makes sense and they give a lot of the actor to do even with the limited screen time that he has.  If you are looking for Loki 2, this isn’t that movie which is a good thing because that was the thing that I was the most afraid of going into this flick.

The Loki character has become a fan favorite, so it would really be easy to let him take over the move.  However, Marvel used their best trait: restraint.  (This also wasn’t always the case.  The 90’s were a strange time for the House of Ideas.)

So should you go see it? Yes, and I would suggest going to the theater.  Don’t wait for DVD.  They have finally figured out how to make a movie where gods beat the hell out of each other so it’s worthy of your $12 and the silver screen.

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