Is your chair the ultimate productivity app?

A friend of mine used to say, “never go cheap on cheese.”  The implication being that cheese is one of those things that you can always tell when it’s good or not, and God only knows what the bad stuff is doing to your body.  The simple desk chair is a lot like that.

I’m a bit of a productivity geek.  I’ve used every to-do list app, every note take, and tried out all the productivity tips.  My goal being is that if I combine enough things I can write an entire novel between the commercial breaks of Breaking Bad.  What I’ve learned is every tip, tool, and trick is a way of removing obstacles and distractions from getting things done.  You know, like Breaking Bad.

It turned out that one of things that was keeping me from getting things done was my desk chair of all things.  Case in point, this blog.  I was doing okay keeping the last few post coming out on a regular basis.  Thing was, I wasn’t doing any of those posts from my desk.  I was either writing them from my bed on a my shitty netbook or from a coffee shop on the company Macbook Pro.  Once I changed out my desktop for a new Mac Mini the posting stopped.  I prefer to work from a desk.  It helps me think better, but my desk wasn’t a comfortable place to work.

Simple web surfing was fine, but I couldn’t tell you the last time that I wrote something from my desk.  My assumption was that my work habits had somehow magically changed and I was now one of those “coffee shop writers” I heard so much about in college.  Truth is, my chair was so old and crappy that I would get up after sitting in it for a while and my body would hurt.  Not a lot.  Just enough to register subconsciously, but not enough to connect the dots.

“I’m getting older.  Bodies just ache.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I sit on a glorified cardboard slab every day.”

I couldn’t tell you the last time I sat down a seriously wrote at this desk. Now I know that my chair was only a small piece of why I wasn’t writing much.  Like a lot of writers, I can be lazy.  I’d rather read something than write something. But the chair wasn’t helping.  It was a cheap, $40 desk chair I got from Target years ago.  I always said I’d replace it, but I never did.  Until now.  Been refreshing a lot of things in my life as of late.  Got a new computer, and now I’ve picked up a new office chair from Amazon.  And no, I didn’t go cheap.

It was $160, and worth every cent.  It has leavers that size the seat and back to you making it a perfect fit.

Will this change everything in my life? No, it’s just a chair.  But it is comfortable and I do like sitting on it.  But it’s a start.  The desk itself is next.  It’s very cramped and I can’t spread out.  We give so much thought to what’s on our computers, we never think about where they are.  Your work space should be a temple that you can get stuff done at.  Not an after thought in some forgotten corner.  Like your skills, it should be a work in progress: never truly finished, but always progressing.

-written from my Mac Mini, at my desk.



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